Colour Club - Blush and Blue - Lemon Ribbon Studio

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Colour Club - Blush and Blue

Indulge in our current Colour Club crush of the week: the mesmerizing Blush and Blue combo. This dynamic duo is not just a trend; it's a summer palette sensation that effortlessly integrates with the warm hues of a sunset.

Blush and Blue

Colour Club - Blush and Blue
Images copyright of Karoline Herr, RBTA, GFBF &Kate Aurelia Studio

This enchanting pairing isn't confined to fashion alone; it extends its allure to architecture, floral prints, and interiors, creating a seamless blend of style and sophistication. Picture architectural wonders bathed in the soft glow of blush and adorned with hints of tranquil blue. Floral prints come to life as they mimic the delicate balance of nature, with blush blooms complemented by the calming presence of blue.


In interiors, the Blush and Blue combo transforms living spaces into havens of serenity and elegance. Whether you're infusing this palette into your wardrobe, admiring architectural marvels, or redecorating your home with floral-inspired accents, the possibilities are as endless as the summer sky!

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