Colour Club - Browns - Lemon Ribbon Studio

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Colour Club - Cool Browns

This week's Color Club is an exciting showcase of the art of contrasting colours and how they have the remarkable ability to make one another truly stand out. We're bringing you a vibrant array of summery pinks and striking blues, boldly contrasting with the warm tones of brown and orange. This unexpected colour clash creates a refreshing transition from the bright hues of summer to the more subdued and cosy shades of autumn.


Illustrations and brown mood board

Top left: Weronika Krason, top right: Alizee Cayla, bottom left: Lotta Maija, bottom right: Anna Katharina Jansen

It's a delightful surprise to see how brown, often underestimated, can play such a pivotal role in enhancing the overall color palette. These contrasting combinations not only catch the eye but also offer a stylish and unexpected twist in the ever-evolving world of colour trends. Join us as we celebrate the beauty of contrasting colours and their transformative power in the seasonal shift from summer to autumn.

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