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Trend Club - Mystical Muse

Join us in lusting over the magic of Trend Club - Mystical Muse, where cosmic stars and celestial icons come together to create a trend that promises to make 2022 a year of enchantment and mystical romance!


Here at the Lemon Ribbon Studio, we're captivated by the ethereal beauty of this trend, especially as it takes a mystical twist on Valentine's aesthetics, offering a unique and enchanting perspective.


Mystical Muse trend board
Top Left: Badger & Burke Top Right: Ash Kahn Middle: Annie Konst Bottom Left: Reid Phelps Bottom Right: Annie Konst

Whether you're incorporating these elements into your wardrobe or using them to elevate your living space, this trend is a celebration of the playful, the magical, and the daring. Join us in embracing the fusion of cute cat prints, love potions, and devil motif textiles, where each element tells a story of charm, romance, and a touch of rebellious spirit.

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