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Trend Club - Project Patchwork

Welcome to Trend Club - Project Patchwork, a nostalgic revival of the early 2000's Tammy Girl aesthetic that's making a triumphant return! It's time to embrace the comeback of patchwork  prints, and we're absolutely here for it!

Patched up style

Patchwork image
Top Left : Pooka Toys • Top Right : Eleanor Bowmer • Bottom Left : Anna Katharina Janesen • Bottom Right : Petit Bateau

Patched-up style prints have reemerged as a significant trend, resonating across the creative industry. They represent a playful and youthful style that's both expressive and fun. These prints effortlessly capture the essence of carefree, vibrant, and imaginative fashion, reminiscent of the iconic Tammy Girl era. Join us as we celebrate the revival of patchwork prints, offering a contemporary twist on a beloved fashion trend from the past.

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