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Colour Club - Primary Palette


The focus of this month's Colour Club is centered around the primary palette. Explore the pops of red, yellow, and blue in our latest designs, and see how these fundamental hues can be artfully combined with pastels to breathe new life into classic colour combinations. Check out our take on these colours in our latest designs below…

pop of pastel

primary and pastel colour palette images

A cute, textured jumper from Halcyon Nights, a bold and abstract illustration by Sofia Daskalaki, stunning Italian interior from The World Of Interiors and lovely ceramic designs by Hollie Cooper Ceramics

Our aim is to demonstrate the power of creative juxtaposition, where the bold and the delicate converge to create stunning, up-to-date primary palettes that are perfect for various design projects and inspirations.

Ocean colour scene

Colourful fish underwater

Diving headfirst into the world of primary palettes, we embarked on an enchanting aquatic journey for our Baby Girls collection. With creativity as our compass, we crafted a picturesque underwater realm, featuring a hand-painted oceanic color scene adorned with delightful pops of pastels and the charm of primary hues.


Wishing you a bright and joyful day!

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