Trend Club - Spring Styles - Lemon Ribbon Studio

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Trend Club - Spring Styles

Join us in celebrating the zingy and dreamy aesthetics of the Spring Styles trend, where acidic pastels and comfort-conscious designs come together. Prepare for a dreamy capsule of comfort clothing that's dedicated to embracing adventure and play. The palette of acidic pastels takes center stage, creating a fashion-forward approach with a playful and adventurous flair.

acidic pastels

Trend Club - Spring Styles moodboard
Top left : Just Kidding.  Top right : Knot Kids.  Middle : Millow Watch.  Bottom right : Jelly Made

The acidic pastels add a burst of energy to the palette, creating a visual symphony that mirrors the vibrancy of spring. Picture soft lemon yellows, minty greens, and bubblegum pinks blending together to form a harmonious color story. Whether you're exploring the outdoors or embracing casual chic in urban settings, this trend is all about infusing your style with a playful spirit.

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